Runners are encouraged to monitor their own PBs based on the official time published each month.

Course Records

3 lap 5km

15:30 - Samual Moakes

17:34 - John Thorpe

17:39 - Andy Sheldon 

Historical 4 lap 5km

16:45 - Colin Devonport

16:45 - Richard Newsome

16:55 - Richard Newsome

17:01 - Luke Beresford

17:30 - Karl Webster

Latest Results...


All runners will be emailed a link to the results for the latest run.


To find your own result, all you need to do is type your name into the search box! If you wish to view the the list in excel then you can use the download buttons at the top of the page. The results also show if people completed the full course or less than 5K. 


The link to the latest results are here: Results

Historical Results & Personal Bests

 If you wish to view historical results going back as far as July 2015 then please click here: Historical Results


Again to find your own results, please type your name into the 'Search' box.


Do not worry about seeing a large number of DNFs - this just means these people didn't turn up that month.

If you need results from an earlier race then please email us: Contact