Whitworth Thread 5K

What is it?

 A 5km run over 3 laps around Whitworth Park, Darley Dale, Matlock.

When is it?

Our regular timed Thread takes place on the 2nd Saturday of each month starting at 9.00am but there's nothing to stop people running a ‘Loose Thread’ – basically the Thread without the officiating.


Can I just turn up and Run?

Yes, however......... the Thread is run by volunteers and to help our admin, please turn up at 8:30ish to get a timing band. We have recently had to begin charging £1 for a timing band  - which you get to keep, although we can loan you a temporary one for your first run.


At each official monthly run we collect £1 voluntary donation for charity, see the ‘Charity’  page for more information!

Who is it for?

Anybody!  Whether you’re a regular runner or always wanted to get that little bit fitter these events are for everyone, just turn up and enjoy yourself. You can jog all 3 laps, or choose to do less (2 or 1 lap) and even walk the route as that first step towards improving your fitness and general well-being.  Our oldest runner so far is 78 years with our youngest being a 3 year old toddling around with her dad! You'll be caught up with the enthusiasm of others and the atmosphere within the park - so much easier than running alone.





What's the route?

Our run is entirely within the Whitworth Park and based around a 3 lap course of a 1 mile each. The route is pure tarmac, with short downhill and uphill sections making the most of the criss-cross network of pathways for you to "thread" your way around. Marshals are dotted at various points to help direct you and enjoy your run. There's no obligation to run the whole of the route - set your own targets and try your best.


How Can I Find Out More?

If you would like more information please email the organisers on thewhitworththread@gmail.com


The serious bit - 

Please read our Health Disclaimer below: