August 2019 blog

THQ has previously shared info about a whole world living inside your stomach and large intestine, and how it does a bunch of important stuff.

Mainly made up of bacteria, it's called the microbiome. It eats what you eat, it gets stressed when you do.

Now more recent studies confirm that exercise has a number of benefits for the gut microbiota. It is linked to increases in the number of beneficial microbial species and enriching microbial diversity. So, while most folk will claim running is good for hearts and lungs, don't forget to name-check your microbiome's improvement towards your general well-being. Have an interesting further read here:

And so to the business end.......Mike Blair back to winning form with a sub 17 min effort, following by John Thorpe and Ryan Gackowski. First lady back was Pat Goodall.

The Tromans' sisters had a great run out with Charlotte completing her first ever lap and requesting a medal. (see our facebook posts Great effort too from Rowan Tomlinson - only 3! completing her first lap. Grace Dalton completed her first lap and even managed to fit in a stop at the swings !?!

As ever, thanks to our marshal Roger and for his sterling work and to the generosity of all the Threaders, contributing £81.70 to our very own Whitworth Park.

See you for the autumnal September canter.


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