July 2019 Thread

For those old enough to remember today back in 1985 was Live Aid, the day a constellation rock stars, pop bands and singers / musicians came together for concerts held in London and America to raise over £54 million for African famine relief.

Music is a great motivator. When jogging or running, very few people can sustain a controlled rhythmic pace over time. Most tend to start too fast and never get to complete the full period they planned. Listening to music and choosing the appropriate BPM to run to:

  • gives run cadence control.

  • puts bounce in your step.

  • helps the breathing pattern become more relaxed thus more efficient oxygen intake

  • helps you find the mind and body "meld" that puts you "in the zone".

  • makes you feel good and motivated to keep running the Thread!

And so...to the business end where two brothers (Daniel and Chris Sleath) turned up to run for the first time and stole the show from regular Bertie West . First lady back was Lin Meyrick. Some true grit show out there today with Logan and Merryn-Rose Fairey plus the Tromans, Hazels, Towles and Andrews all striving hard and getting closer to that 5KM mark - hopefully next time.

As ever, hearty cheers to our marshals Roger and Tony for sterling work, Andy Lessiter for helping on registration and of course, to the generosity of all the Threaders, contributing £70.16 to The Stroke Association.

See you for sun drenched August.


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