April 2019 Thread

Calories, eh? Which awful so and so would bring these up and sully the Easter festivities? THQ - that's who.

It might seem like a luxury treat or nothing more than annual tradition to sit and munch on chocolate eggs over the Easter weekend. But there are health considerations, because the calories involved are staggering. While Easter perhaps doesn't come with quite the same calorific pitfalls as Christmas, it's still not the best news for Threaders' waistlines. Obviously the total calorie count depends on the type of egg being enjoyed - and some are a lot naughtier than others.

So here's the breakdown of the UK’s top three favourite Easter eggs

  • Cadburys Creme Egg (186g) The super-popular Easter egg contains a whopping 982 calories. To burn this off, you'd have to run for 96 minutes OR (shudder) complete 116 minutes worth of burpees.

  • Cadburys Mini Eggs (187g) These favourites come close to Creme eggs in terms of calories, with 974. This means you'd either have to do 102 minutes of running, 123 minutes of push-ups or 197 minutes of walking.

  • Dairy Milk (331g) At 1,758 calories this is a hefty treat which would require 352 minutes of walking OR 309 minutes of sit-ups OR 118 minutes of swimming to burn the calories off.

Glad you turned up to run, now, we bet. Anyway......to the business end and John Thorpe can munch a fair few eggs this coming weekend with his time of 17:34, followed by Lee Storey and Bertie West. First lady back was Lisa Jones. Well done to Oscar Szarbo for a first time run round and to Katie Wileman for her first ever 5km.

Our Marshals don't worry about calories - leaving that to their wives, so Roger and Ranald will be munching away regardless - and why not after hearty support for the Threaders this morning. Birthday boy Joshua Nuttall might be experiencing a double weekend choc-o-whammy too if he plays his cards rights.

Continuing our new plan for donations as outlined in our pre-run January email. Thank you for your generosity amounting to £85.20 which will be going to our local Greenaway Workshop in Darley Dale.

Enjoy the chocolate and see you all in May


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