February 2019 Thread

What a blustery day to fight against. Not only leaves and twigs but if you looked closely, love was certainly blowing around in the air today - well, it looked like it from where THQ stood.

So, here's a quiz question: What links St Valentine's day with running?

Well....probably everyone knows St Valentines day was created to commemorate the chap still willing to marry Roman soldiers despite this being forbidden by Rome as they wanted their men fighting with no distractions at home, but did you know it was really to distract from Lupercalia?

This was a very ancient, possibly pre-Roman annual festival, observed in the city of Rome on February 15, to avert evil spirits and purify the city, releasing health and fertility. Way back then, celebrating Lupercalia meant embracing endorphins, which as we all know can be achieved by running. Ta da !

Anyway, to the business end.......where Oliver Brocklehurst recorded his first ever Thread 1st place, well done to him - if you've seen some of Oliver's efforts at the finish, you'll know he puts heart and soul and a few other things into his runs. Bertie West and Ricky Wood followed up with Amelia Corke our first lady home.

Good show marshals! Hearts a-bursting and sharing the love today as they encouraged everyone, especially their ageing loved ones around the course were Ranald and Roger. Young apprentice, Joshua helping us at the finish. Well done chaps.

Continuing our new plan for donations as outlined in our pre-run January email. Thank you for your generosity amounting to £77.87 which will be going to the Derbyshire Air Ambulance service

See you all in March where we have yet more changes - this time to the course itself where we are moving to a more forgiving, flatter 3 lap course. Still the same distance but encompassing parts of the White Peak Loop that's been added to the bottom section of the Whitworth. The run will still be all-tarmac and within the boundaries of the Park and of course, we'll ensure you are directed accordingly with a few more marshals in evidence. THQ all think you'll love it. Please pass the word around.


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