January 2019 Thread

What's been your New Year's resolution as a regular Threader? a 10k? Half marathon? Looking for something a little more interesting and motivational? Two years ago to the month, we highlighted Finland's annual wife carrying championships: https://radseason.com/event/wife-carrying-championship-sonkajarvi-finland/

but if that didn't take your fancy you could always try swamp football, chess boxing or underwater rugby - bizarre but true.

It doesn't really matter provided you keep yourselves active and we do like to see the difference it has made to individuals even to start something as simple as a monthly park run. We are quite fond of ours and a good turn our considering the time of year. Without further delay, to the business end....

John Thorpe is starting to make a habit of crossing the line first, this time followed by Bertie West and Karl Webster. Karl's daughter Lizzy just pipped Hayley Gill as our first lady home.

Little bit of carnage at the finish today with around 5 or 6 people running through without timing bands, so if your time is slightly out with watches, it's likely you've been moved up or down a finish position as we've deleted some times where folk haven't had a band - sorry.

Stout of heart are our marshals and on hand today offering support were Ranald, Roger and young apprentice, Tony. Well done chaps

New plan for our donations as outlined in our pre-run email. Thank you for your generosity amounting to £120.36 which will be going to Ashgate Hospice.

See all you lovers for the Valentine special next month


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