December 2018 Thread

With Christmas approaching, THQ has been engaged in debate over the top three festive films. After heated exchanges, we settled on:

No3) Love Actually - the weird "mature" 10 year old's dash through the airport. As the security guards get closer to capturing the boy, the director cuts to another angle and his lead increases by 30 yards. Happens a few times. If only Threaders could utilise this skill.

No2) "Scrooged" with Bill Murray - THQ takes much inspiration from the sarcastic, waspish comments proffered by Scrooge.

No1) Die Hard - Brucey in his hay day. An inspiration to us all for a level of fitness displayed, running up stairs, across roofs and over broken glass. Talk about getting through that pain barrier

To the business end and film star inspired heroics were on display from new Threader Daniel Fletcher who despite not knowing where he was going, came in first place followed by Bertie West and Oliver Brocklehurst. First lady back was Lisa Jones.

Let's address the elephant in the park. Some of those fancy dress outfits actually hurt our eyes. Outrageously horrid inventiveness featured reindeers, numerous Santas, mischievous elves, a carrot (?) and a full on Penguin. Photos are being loaded onto our face book page. Steady.

Thanks again to our Marshals Ranald and Joshua.

The Whitworth Trust will be grateful for your generosity - you've donated £98.61 today, thank you so much. Speaking of donations, we must at this point acknowledge our fairy Godmother, Fidler Taylor Estate Agency, who have yet again stepped in to generously donate to another years upkeep of the Thread website and Racetek system to allow us to keep our event free of charge.

See you all for the excess guilt trip / new years "I'm getting fit" resolution that is our January run

Yipee Ki Yay from all at THQ

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