October 2018 Thread

Well, the wind played havoc with what we were sure would have been a good turnout, but still, a credible 98 brave the conditions. So although a tad late in the day, but for next time ......

3 Tips for Running in the Wind

  • Run by effort, not by pace. A headwind significantly increases the energy costs of your run

  • Mind over Matter. “The wind won't quit, so I won't quit.” Use your self-talk during the run to shape your reaction to the wind; focus on how you are strong, determined, and resilient.

  • Dress for the wind..The more streamlined your outfit is, the less wind resistance you will experience as you run. Avoid baggy shirts and shorts, hoods, and lots of layers so that your clothes don’t drag in the wind.

And so to business.... Simon Croft made a welcome return to the winner's rostrum with a well deserved time against a fierce head wind, followed by Oliver Brocklehurst and Shelly Fairly.

The Sole Mates running group turned out in force to support their chosen cause and did not disappoint, those faster types finishing and returning to the course, offering encouragement to others. Just when we thought the capital punishment of forgetting your band was hard wired into Threaders mindsets, up pops Sam Devaney to request a temp and withering looks from THQ.

Ranald performed sterling work as our lone course marshal - thanks as ever. Apparently Roger is dancing the nights away in Ibiza.

This month’s donations will go to the Stroke Association. Thanks to Threaders - you've raised £101.20. Joe Redfern and the Soul Mates running contingent pass on their warmest regards

See you all November


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