September 2018 Thread

Did you know on this very day in 1956, Harry Belafonte (surely one of the best crooners ever), released his album Calypso, which stayed at number one for 31 weeks. If younger runners are looking for Ipod inspiration for their training runs or indeed to put a smile on faces rather than grimaces which we saw at today’s Thread, Harry will get you through. NB: you must checkout his greatest achievement - the magnificent “Hole in my Bucket” - which was released as late as 1994.

Alas, Calypso dancing wasn’t evident much through the finishing straight, however as the word Calypso translates as “continue, go on!!” it does appear apt to provide the motivation for some very good times recorded today. Our first lady back, Lizzy Webster breaking the 20 min barrier for the first time, John Hopkinson closing in on 25 mins and Viv McDonald, free at last from her ever nagging running partner Margaret Keeling in with a superb 32 mins-ish (hope you're enjoying Italy, Margaret!)

And so to business……….. Jacob Hartley came in first, with the aforementioned Lizzy in 2nd and Bob King 3rd. Great efforts from the new Holmes family and Kendle Hazle carried son, Fennic round on her shoulders for one of his laps!

Our marshals have changed much over the past few months (good to have Ranald back from his walkabouts / Roger still missing in action possibly brushing up on Calypso, Spounge, Mento or Benna dancing!?!) Tony put yet another month off running his first Thread to gallantly help out as did two rather nice young ladies Claire and Jodie, with a "sort of" bucket list to complete 30 actions before their 30th birthdays - marshalling the Thread being one of them.

This month’s donations saw the Alzheimer's Society benefit to the tune of £93.21 – many thanks. Peter Wilmot will be dancing down to their offices with the proceeds.

See you all in October for a special Thread in aid of the Stroke Association


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