August 2018 Thread

Holiday season is upon us and THQ was hoping for an easy ride with depleted numbers, however that didn’t stop over a hundred turning up for todays event, basking in glorious sunshine.

We were greeted with some slightly weird sights as our Soul Mates regulars appeared to have joined us in the middle of a hen party celebration? A fair few MAC runners were nursing sore legs from Ricky’s fell race on Thursday evening and the Devonport family of five had travelled all the way over from Ireland to participate in the Thread and only poor old Dad was at the start line come 9am, presumably due to ferry lag.

Gina Brennan came to registration armed with 4 timing bands - none of which were hers! People can find her chained to the Whitworth boiler room in full tar and feathers regalia for forgetting her timing band.

And so to the business end….Bertie West ahead of Jacob Hartley lead the pack home with Freya Lester first girl back. Spirited runs from our youngsters as always. The Hazels did well as did first timers the Spencers.

A big thanks to Joshua and Michelle for marshalling and encouraging today. We’d also like to pass on our best wishes to to our IT registration back up man, John Brennan and his family who are moving to Worcester. We do hope to see them occasionally participating in future Threads.

£82.90 was raised today - many thanks. This will go to the Whitworth Centre for the parks upkeep.

See you in September. We are arranging an Indian summer, so set a date for the next two Threads in your diaries.


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