July 2018 Thread

Welcome to Quintilis’s Thread - the old name for the month before it was renamed after Julius Caesar by a decision of the Roman Senate in 44BC as July (the month of his birth). After April’s and last months blog, have your energy levels increased with changing your gut bacteria? Those increased energy levels will be especially welcomed as the summer months kick in and holidays beccon - so it was fantastic to see those ruddy faces and heavy breathing as Threaders put their beach body conditioning to the test this morning.

So after this week some of you might be thinking the futures bright for the next generation of English footballers and that thought certainly applies to Matlock Athletic Club after a number of juniors took part in todays run.

At the business end of things Eslpeth Grant lead the whole race home, closely followed by Bertie West. Well done both and all other juniors who put some great effort in today!

We’re not sure about their own gut bacteria but half of THQ is taking a not so well earned break for which we give thanks to John Brennan, Dennis Belbin, Simon Croft, Michelle Lester, Catherine Pierce and Laurie Croft for stepping in to support registration and marshalling the event.

Daniel Hunt passes on his thanks as his nominated charity, Myeloma Cancer will benefit to the tune of £98.16 following Threaders digging deep.

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