April 2018 Thread

Did you know you are a running bacteria colony? There are around 100 trillion microbes, mostly bacteria, living in and on your body, the majority in your large intestine. There’s probably untold millions more on the THQ hoodies alone, for that matter. Collectively, they form your microbiome and they help enormously with your running.

These microbes in your gut are not only essential to your ability to digest food, but they also provide vital nutrients and enzymes.

Apparently, the expert consensus is that the right balance of gut flora can improve running performance. If you aren’t already having a rainbow coloured diet of varied real foods and haven’t ditched that processed stuff, give it a try and see over the months if your Thread time doesn’t improve.

Anyhow, to the business end and a welcome return to Mike Blair, who was a good distance ahead of Simon Croft and a PB achieving Dennis Belbin. First lady back was junior Sophie Hopkinson, pipping Freya Lester despite sporting brand spanking new trainers. MAC juniors had a great showing, as did our now resident Soul Mates runners, who turned out in force, swelling numbers to an impressive 128 today.

Oh dear, we’ve a run on forgetfulness again, with a number of Threaders leaving bands at home. It would be rude to single out any one individual, but Roger gave us permission to berate his wife, so naturally THQ won’t mind mentioning Margeret Keeling, who really should know better. Special mention to some first timers: Yvonne Walker, Fennic Hazle and the Peglars for great efforts and to Andrea Clough for the determination to see through 4 laps.

We’d like to give continued thanks to our marshals for supporting our event, joining Roger and Ranald, Michelle Lester pitched in to cheer folk along.

The Whitworth Centre doffs it cap in continued appreciation for your donations to its essential upkeep. This month it will benefit to the tune of £123.85 following Threaders digging deep.

Kind regards and see you next month

All at THQ

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