March 2018 Thread

We at THQ ruminated on the old weather lore "When March comes in like a lion it goes out like a lamb." running up to today’s event. We thought the billing might have been “when the beast from the east met the every ready Threaders and despite the snow disappearing, the rain was miserable leading up the start but that didn’t deter 100 (!) of you turning out - magnificent given the forecast. Flippers rather than running shoes might have been the better sartorial choice.

To the business end and a welcome return to the event from Kent living Richard Newsome, who when he turned up last time promptly broke the course record with 16:55. Today he managed to equal it in 16:45 and thus share the record with Colin Devonport (who couldn’t be with us today). Wouldn’t it be great to get a head to head at some point in the future. Matt Ingram and Ben Meakin, although some distance back brought in respectable 2nd and 3rd places. Gill Hayley was our first lady back.

A special mention for Baxter Brennan who helped set up the course flags today with Dad but still managed 2 laps and is only 7! Dads promised him a spinach muffin, the lucky lad.

The sole mates group of runners were out in force and put a huge amount of effort in - well done to you all especially if you were new to the Thread.

Thanks to some post midnight dancing last night, our very own resident “Hinge and Bracket” duo only made 3 laps today but still found it necessary to reward themselves with cake and coffee in the cafe afterwards - well done for turning out. In fact well done to everyone. We shamefully bet on less than 50 Threaders braving the forecast today - what does THQ know about resilience, eh.

We’d like to give continued thanks to our marshals for supporting our event - Roger and Catherine directing efforts of support.

With donations to the generous tune of £94.20 by Threaders, on behalf of Jeremy Brayshaw and Reverse Rett - a huge thank you

See you for the Easter run



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