February 2018 Thread

It’s childrens mental health week, this week. There are proven links between exercise and mental well-being, so those parents who continue to bring their kids along to the Thread or indeed get them involved in any activity which gets the little darlings moving apace can rightly pat themselves on the back that they are pursuing a fine undertaking. Our younger runners continue to amaze us and its hugely gratifying to watch the progress of those that have been with us a few years now, shaving many seconds and minutes as they grow stronger and fitter.

Today was a good example of mental fortitude as young and indeed old battled truly horrible weather. Yes there were tears and and lots of running noses, but Lily Astill, Arron Donaldson, Lilli Jackson, Hugh Sargent and the Brennans to name a few strove hard to put in as much effort as possible and 4 laps cannot too far away.

And so, let’s look at the business end…….John Thorpe had some distance between him and a great contest between yet another Brennan, Robbie, who just pipped Christian Keeping for 2nd. Our first lady back was Shelly Fairey with Freya Lester not far behind.

As horrible a day for running, spare a thought for our marshals, Wills, Simon and Bob keeping their extremities as warm as you can when your stood for 40 mins shepherding Threaders round the course.

Thanks to your generosity, we have breached the £5000 milestone in donations since our inception in July 2013. Thank you so much. As a reminder for those who know they’ve done 10 Threads or more, you can email THQ to nominate your own charity and wait with breath abaited each month in the hope your drawn out of the THQ hat. Catherine Else will be taking her bag of 113 and half £1 pounds round to the MS society door as this month’s nominated charity.

Kind regards and see you next month

All at THQ

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