January 2018 Thread

Well….after last month’s course alterations and the fargo of fancy dress, its back to normal. Nothing weeps like a credit card in December, so now is the time to forget about spending and start keeping fit for free. We are guessing some of you will have made resolutions to shed pounds or complete a distance or special event, so making the Thread a regular diary event will help all these goals.

At the business end………..well done to Bertie West (despite forgetting his timing band!) for his first Thread victory, followed by Andy Mellor and James Eaton. Our first lady back was Alison Pye but unfortunately THQ has had to disqualify Alison for forgetting her timing band for the umptheen time, how sad :(

The younglings did rather well today, including Lilly Rose Jackson who completed 4 laps for the first time and Grandad needs to stump up £1 per lap. Well done too to the Lurati family and all those who joined the Thread for the first time. Now, lets just hope this isn’t a half hearted New Year’s resolution and we see folk turning up on a regular basis to improve their fitness - THQ has had a private bet on returning new numbers for February. The soul mates runners group formed recently also had a presence - well done to you guys.

We’d like to give continued thanks to our marshals for supporting our event - great to see Roger back with his new bionic knee.

Andy Neath will be a jolly happy chap as his nominated charity, the Stroke Association will benefit to the tune of £117.62 following Threaders digging deep.

Kind regards and see you next month

All at THQ

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