November 2017 Thread

November 11, 2017

As well as journeying through the Whitworth this morning, come with THQ on a canter back in time to the 1970’s. A time when local fitness was restricted lads chasing a football round on a Sunday morning, girls skipping and adults engaged in none of these (or any other sports) as part of their recreational downtime. Then America (where else) experienced a boom in competitive road running and in jogging.


It is estimated that 25 million Americans took up some aspect of running in the 1970s and 1980s. Many running events, shoe and clothing manufacturers formed and grew to accommodate the demand. The boom inevitably spread to other countries including the UK.


Fast forward to 2017 and fitness centres and a “keep fit” culture are ubiquitous features of the landscape. Bizarrely, with this greater focus on health and formalised exercise, it can’t have escaped folk’s notice that a large proportion of the population has grown increasing unhealthy. Not for Threaders. Today’s exertions were proof the local running community is serious about its long term health ambitions. Well done all - although some cynics may question this unusual amount of praise as being out of character for THQ and that a balance in the forces of nasty and nice were long overdue.


Anyway……… the business end and what is fast becoming a regular battle at the top, Elspeth Grant was pipped by Mike Blair, who cunningly used Elspeth’s slipstream for 3 laps to reserve enough energy and overtake her at the finish. John Thorpe was our 3rd home.


There was some great battles and perseverance throughout all runners today, especially those towards to rear of the field but nether-the-less showed real grit - well done, especially the gaggle of ladies sporting fluorescent tops!


Benefitting from the warm embrace and encouragement of our marshals, including our new hybrid “Gennex” (Genna and Alex - never apart) who will be keeping Roger and Ranald company over the next 6 months for their Duke of Edinburgh awards, you 109 Threaders dug deep to the tune of £104.27 for which Caroline Povey and Helen’s Trust give their thanks


See you in fancy dress for the annual December run where the look we are hoping to channel is “ludicrous”



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