October 17 Thread

This time last year, we had the collective feeling the Ancient God’s themselves were in attendance (see October ’16 blog). This month a different set of mythical forces may have been evident.

In anticipation for All Hallowes Eve in the coming weeks, it appeared some of our runners legs in today’s Thread had joined the ranks of the undead. Disingenous? ……perhaps, but THQ’s role is not restricted to scratching they’re heads over how the IT should work, but to provide constructive encouragement in aide of runners who’ve made the hardest commitment for early Saturday morning by turning up - so yourself encouraged! And what better example than young Vivian, fresh as a daisy at 104 and emboldened with her nominated charity to run for this month in under 33 minutes

Anyway….at the business end and Mike Blair’s participation is starting to look predictable with another first place followed by Andy Sheldon. Shelly Fairey was our first lady back.

We had a number of younglings entering the event for the first time and some tremendous efforts all round -including the Gammon brothers, Ewan Ironmonger and Elspeth Bloxan

Looking suitably ghoulish ahead of month’s end, our marshals nethertheless injected encouragement in their own style for which we give thanks. Threaders pockets were raided to the tune of £69.80 for which we and Viv McDonald gives thanks. The money will wing it’s way to Aquabox and Bangledesh shortly.

Half of Thread HQ will be celebrating their wedding anniversary on Halloween - who said the undead couldn’t lead a conventional life………….

See you next month


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