September Thread

September 9, 2017

In one of the first deals of it’s kind, we had a reciprocal arrangement with the lake district to send it half of THQ while the lakes sent us a deluge of rain. We are still working out who feels the most hard done to. Nether-the-less, it did allow John Brennan to flex his registering skills at reception for the first time, for which we are grateful. 


Its the Great North Run tomorrow. Many of our Threaders have competed in this wondeful event, some still scratching their heads in disbelief at achieving such a milestone, but using the Thread and other training techniques to kick-start their health drive just shows what can be achieved - something to aim for next year, perhaps? THQ have a collective letter from our mums and need to organise the Thread each year, but hardly anyone else can claim a fitting excuse - so what’s stopping you?

For those absent today in travel or readiness - good luck.


So…. to the business end and Mike Blair was pushed hard by Elspith Grant  with Craig Allen in 3rd place. We had so much effort from new comers in all the rain, showing much grit and determination. Special mention for Andrea Clough who didn’t really want to be here but managed a creditable 3 laps and who we hope to see again. Paul Walker ran the Thread for the first time for the Veteran’s charity and raised £500!!. Lots of younglings ran so hard they were crying at the finish - hopefully legs will be calibrated for the next run.


Couple of forgotten bands today. Not fully naming names to register maximum embarrassment but they start with O and end with liver Brocklehurst, the other starts with A and ends with dam Addis.


Let’s shower some love on our Marshals, shall we - saintly support in devilish conditions . You Threaders dug deep to raise £104.72 for Julie Atkinson’s nomination of the Ashgate Hospice- a huge thank you.


October Thread next. Anyone there last year will remember the Roman Gods were with us in a spectrum malevolent and benevolent comments. 3rd time lucky for IT issues……?



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