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Just like any other 5 year olds our birthday party had many kids ( and quite a few adults) running around breathless with excitement with evidence of puce faces matching the colour of THQ’s uniform.

The table we had set up for presents mysteriously disappeared but we benefitted from the rich gifts of all your efforts as we ourselves did absolutely nothing (as usual).

Sorry - As we type, our results table is mysteriously lost in the ether, so unfortunately we can’t bring you these as yet - please look out for a Facebook update when the gremlins have had enough and we can publish the results. We can’t shake the feeling our regular marshal, Roger who valiantly turned up after only having a new kneecap 2 weeks ago was watching from the cafe - might he have somehow acquired international-grade hacking skills and turned up to relieve his boredom?

We did however note the younglings were especially impressive today, including Michela Dick tearing through the finish and inexperienced Threaders, Emma Jackson, Sophie Carrington and Oliver Jones making galiant efforts.

The Swindels, Veena Mills, Liz Dvorkin and Catherine Hickson all turned up for the first time and despite trying to derail registration, all showed tremdendous guts to complete their first Thread - a hearty well done. Do enjoy your Pinot Grigio bath this afternoon as a reward.

When the music stopped first to find a chair at the finish was Craig Allen, continuing his impressive recovery and speaking of recoveries, great to see Jakki Simmonds back and cracking sub 30 mins for her 5k.

We’d like to give special mention to our impromptu marshals "Michela’s Dad" and Rona Allen for supporting our birthday bash.

The Whitworth Centre looks a little happier as they will be the recipiants of your generous donations this month to the tune of £81.21 following Threaders digging deep.

Kind regards

All at THQ

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