April 2017 Thread

Can it be only a year ago since THQ’s Sue turned 50 and we re-christened the downward start to the Thread as the Sue Gibbs decline. Our enthusiastic group this morning made short work of this part of the course with a mass sprint to dissipate that first rush of adrenaline - or maybe it was the thought of burning a few more calories in advance of stuffing faces with Easter eggs next week?

Anyway, back to the business at hand and ****New Course Record alert **** Colin Davenport, one of our local MAC runners steamed through the finish in 16:45 - eclipsing the existing record by 9 seconds - a tremendous effort. In times gone by 17:04 would have easily guaranteed a victory, but Mike Blair had to settle for 2nd place with Simon Croft completing the set

Two Berties - West and Elphick came through for the juniors followed by another Croft - William, going from strength to strength

Now, THQ has had a post race discussion to name and shame those that had lost or forgot their timing bands but we’ve had rather a large number and haven’t the space here. Let’s hope this is a week’s delay from April’s fool and Threaders will be mindful of the growing admin burden this brings. The tar and feathers await next month…..

We’ve arranged for a rabbit to make a delivery next week of chocolate treats to our marshals by way of thanks for their usual magnificent voluntary efforts, including guest Marshals Humphrey Marsh and Alex Pierce . Feeling equally smug as if caught with smeared chocolate around their mouths are the Whitworth Trustees - who Threaders treat once every 5 or 6 months with fruits from your generous donations - this time to the tune of £136.37 - ta.

See you next month


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