February 2017 Thread

February 11, 2017

Anyone who has read Yuval Harari’s book, Homo Deus may well fear for a future populated by the rich, achieving immortality through advances in science and nanotechnology to forever replace worn out body parts and interface brains with computers (as long as they don’t get knocked down by a bus) 


Some of our regular Threaders may well be harbouring secret nano implants judging by their ages and performances - Mr Hilliam, Mrs Keeling and our Charity nominees this month Pat Goodall and Jeremy Brayshaw often look suspiciously sprite. 

In the meantime, as we all know, running is a super substitute and excellent way extending a healthy lifestyle. 


Anyway, enough science fiction…..At the business end John Thorpe put clear distance between him and young rivals Oliver and James to record his first Thread in under 20 mins. First ladies back were juniors Freya Lester, just ahead of Olivia Allen.


Special mention to Georgia Belbin and Hattie Lynn - our most stylish of first timer youngsters, completing with aplomb. Clementine Brown aged 6 undertook 3 laps while mum Anna (obviously taking inspiration from last months blog regarding Finlands wife carrying competition) trained by carrying her son 2 laps in her arms (!)


As ever, a huge thanks to our marshals and their tireless enthusiasm, our signs should get a rare shout too, bless ‘em. Benefitting from Threaders generous donations to the tune of £79.80 this month will be Reverse Rett nominated by Pat Goodall.


See you all in March


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