January 2017 Thread

January 14, 2017

Lots of effort on display today, Threaders. Clearly determination was etched on many a runner to drive away those excesses of the festive period. Maybe you're in training for a new year goal? 10k, half marathon, dare we venture a full marathon? If you’re stuck for inspiration, Finland’s Wife Carrying Competition might be worth a look. It requires male competitors to carry their wives along a 250-meter course that includes land and water obstacles. Apparently it harkens back to the practice of stealing women from neighbouring villages (or any Friday night in Sheffield city centre, for that matter).


At the business end Whitworth Centre manager, Mike Blair using his intimate course knowledge came in well ahead of todays field. Hayley Gill was our first lady back and for the juniors, Gary, Alfie and Olivia tested their adult counterparts with fantastic finishes.


Stout performances from first time families the Shipstons, Holbrooks and Jones, some of whom completed the full course - excellent efforts. Young Phoebe Hopkinson, aged 6 popped up and promptly covered the full distance too. Her proud parents, dressed to run in hoodies but strangely only watching (?).

There was a degree of suspicion at the finish concerning Laurie Croft. Could she please contact THQ and confirm she completed 4 laps not 3….


On the naughty step for forgetting her timing band for what must be the 3rd time, Alice Eaton can now be found chained to the boiler in the depths of the Whitworth centre if anyone would care to send a food parcel.


Heading off an IT omni-shambles due to one of Ian and Sue's now regular absences, we were grateful for Simon and Lewis’s help.  Thanks too, to our marshals for dismissing their January blues to support the event - guardians of the black ice sections ensured an injury free race for all. Benefitting from Threaders generous donations  to the tune of £108.85 this month will be Coeliac UK nominated by Mike Hillam


Finally, bring your loved ones for a romantic weekend run next month as we head towards Valentine’s Day



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