December 2016 Thread

December 10, 2016


Olympic athletes in ancient Greece ran naked — except for competitors in the hoplitodromos, a race that required runners to don 50 pounds of armour, a helmet and a bronze-clad wooden shield. Running in the raw? Sprinting suited as soldiers? These scenarios may seem strange, but they’re downright tame compared to today’s Thread. Even the inspirational mind of Salvador Dali would have been hard pressed to create a more surreal scene as one greeting park aficionados and casual observers today, we had elves, a where’s wally, a policeman, superman and various tinsel clad allsorts.


A good turn out of 107 given all the Christmas jobs to squeeze in, boosted perhaps by advent running - apparently its a “thing” -


To the business end and an early tussle between Joseph and Elspeth, saw Joseph just edge first place, with Sam Thompson making a 1,2,3 for the juniors with no adult in sight until Andy in 5th place -  MACs junior grand prix ensured we had some quality kids on display.


Some really good effort on show too from relatively new runners such as Charles Walker and Evie Blair - well done, a great performance to build on.


As ever, a huge thanks to our marshals and their tireless enthusiasm - Ranald’s dog with tinsel looked especially excited. Benefitting from Threaders generous donations to the tune of £72.35 this month is the South Yorkshire English Springer Spaniel Rescue, nominated by Matthew Foreman 


See you with your new year resolutions, next month. Merry Christmas from all at THQ

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