September 2016 Thread

September 10, 2016

THQ was expecting a deluge of rain today to give everyone a nice refreshing wash but the forecast left us decidedly whelmed  - still, we’re sure Threaders weren’t complaining.


At the business end Michael Beech followed up his great performance in the recent Matlock Triathlon with first place today, pushed all the way by Elspeth Grant. The two talents even managed to drag our Whitworth centre manager, Mike round into 3rd place.


The youngsters did themselves proud today, young Imogen Rifkin keeping brother Jacob on his toes (if only we could get Dad to run….)


Surely a word of congratulations for our first time runners - especially Kim and Rosie who displayed grit and determination to see the whole distance through.


For those of you wanting to approach our 5k a little more systematically and fill the time between each Thread, there are numerous training plans out there for beginners or those looking to improve on their times or hit milestones such as sub 30 mins. Here’s just one example from Cancer research:


5K training plan

As ever, a huge thanks to our marshals and their tireless enthusiasm - Catherine even delayed her gin-soaked outing to help. Ashgate Hospice nominated by regular Ian Atkinson will be grateful for any donations, however with 104 Threaders £90.80 and 50 cents (!) this month does prompt us to remind folk of a £1 per runner please


See you next month


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