April 2016 Thread

April 9, 2016


In a lifetime there comes along special events worthy of celebration. For many of our Threaders this might be taking a gulp, picking up a pair of trainers and coming along to run for the first time, or completing all four laps at 3 miles non-stop or even using our event to springboard into their first 10k, half marathon and beyond.

For our Sue, of THQ, turning 50 today was one such special event and to combine it on a Thread day surely invites a guilt free afternoon for stuffing her face with an endless conveyer belt of cakes, chocolates and wine.

By way of a thank you and for Threaders to learn much more about this mysterious member of THQ, please look at the tribute tab from our home page.

Sue was accompanied on her birthday run round by her daughter Kori with her boyfriend Adam running the Thread for the first time. Uncharitably, some have ventured that Kori’s running style resembles that of an inverted gibbon tentatively crossing a cattle grid and that Adam runs with all the style and strength of Roger Bannister – at his current age of 86. But THQ refutes these waspish comments and we were grateful for them shepherding Sue around and making sure she didn’t cut corners as she tends to do when no-one’s looking.

If the course looks freakishly clean today, Threaders can thank Sue who is blessed with a huge mental inability to look at dirt and shrug a shoulder. Mop and duster present at 6:30am even on her 50th – that’s our girl!

Up at the business end Colin Davenport led from the front to finish in 17.11. We had 20+ new runners today – so let’s be seeing you all next month as well – who could resist the lure of a permanent timing band!

Thanks as ever to our glorious marshals Catherine, Alex, Thomas, Ray along with Roger and Ranald, who next month will be celebrating their own milestones of 30 year birthdays.

Our nominated charity Asthma UK chosen by Freya Lester has £107.57 to spend wisely.

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